Class Schedules

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Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Jumeirah Park
Jumeirah Village Circle
Jumeirah Village Triangle
Barsha Heights



Umm Suqeim
Al Manara
Umm Al Sheif
Al Quoz



Victory Heights
Sports City
Studio City
Arabian Ranches
Jumeirah Golf Estates



Silicon Oasis
The Villa
Nad Al Sheba



Oud Metha
Bur Dubai
Al Qusais
Al Wasl


Abu Dhabi
Ras Al Khaimah

ZoneAREAGENREAge Group ClassVenueDAYTIMINGSClass Reference
3Motor CityBallet2.5-4yrsButterfly Ballerinas Emirates British Nursery Motor City Monday 1:45 - 2:15EBNMBBAMo
5Motor CityHip Hop2.5-4yrsMini MoversEmirates British Nursery Motor City Monday 2.30 - 3.00EBNMMMMo
5Nad Al HamarBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletDeira International SchoolThursday12:20 - 12:50DISBBTh
2Al BarshaBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletGems Nations/ DAAMonday 12.15 - 12.45GNBBMo
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday9.00 - 9.30DESSBBSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletDubai International AcademySaturday9.00 - 9.30DIABBSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletEmirates International School MeadowsSunday3.45 - 4.15EISMBBSu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletGems FirtsPointSunday4.00 - 4.30GFPBBSu
3Motor CityBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletGems MetropoleTuesday1.00 - 1.30GMBBTu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisMonday4.00 - 4.30GWSOBBMo
2Umm SuqeimBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletHorizon International School Monday1.10 - 1.40HISBBMo
2Umm SuqeimBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletHorizon International School Tuesday4.15 - 4.45HISBBTu
2Umm SuqeimBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletKINGS DUBAI School Sunday12.45 - 1.15KDSBBSu
3Studio City Ballet3-4yrsBabies BalletOptimal FitnessWednesday3.15 - 3.45OPTBBWe
1Jumeirah Lakes TowersBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletTempo Dance StudioTuesday3.45 - 4.15TEMBBTu
5MirdiffBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletUptown SchoolSunday4.15 - 4.45UTSBBSu
3Sports City Ballet3-4yrsBabies BalletVictory Heights Primary School Wednesday1.15 - 1.45VHPSBBWe
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet3-4yrsBabies BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday 9.00 - 9.30BSAKBBSa
6Khalifa CityBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletRaha International SchoolTuesday3:30 - 4:00RISBBTu
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletVictoria International School Sharjah Thursday3.15 - 3.45VISSBBTh
6Ras Al KhaimahBabies Ballet3-4yrsTutu ToddlersRas Al Khaimah Academy Tuesday4.15 - 4.45RAKBBTu
4Nad Al Sheba Ballet3-4yrsBaby Ballerinas KINGS Nad Al ShebaWednesday1.15 - 1.45KNASBBWe
6Saadiyat IslandBallet3-4yrsButterfly BallerinasCranleigh Abu DhabiSaturday9.00-9.30CRABBASa
2Al BarshaBallet3-4yrsEarly Years ProgrammeLittle Gems InternationalWednesday3.15 - 4.00LGIEYPWe
2Al BarshaHip Hop3-5yrsBaby Boppers Gems World AcademyWednesday1.30 - 2.00GWABBOWe
2Al BarshaBallet3-5yrsButterfly Ballerinas Gems Founders SchoolMonday12:15 - 1:00GFSBBAMo
2Al BarshaBallet3-5yrsButterfly Ballerinas Gems World AcademyMonday1.30 - 2.00GWABBAMo
2Al QuozBallet3-5yrsButterfly Ballerinas Springdales School Dubai Sunday11.20 - 11.50SDSBBASu
3Arabian RanchesHip Hop3-5yrsMini MoversRanches Primary School Thursday1.40 - 2.25RPSMMTh
5Al QusaisBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletAl Diyafah High SchoolSaturday9.00 - 9.45ALDIPBSa
5Nad Al HamarBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletDeira International SchoolTuesday12:50 - 1:20DISPBTu
1Springs/MeadowsBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletDubai International AcademySaturday9.30 - 10.15DIAPBSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletDubai International AcademyTuesday4.00 - 4.45DIAPBTu
5MirdiffBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifSunday3.30 - 4.15EBNMPBSu
2Umm SuqeimBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletEmirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday4.00 - 4.45EISUPBSu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletGems FirtsPointSunday4.30 - 5.15GFPPBSu
5MirdiffBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletGems Royal DubaiSunday2.50 - 3.35RDSPBSu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisSunday4.45 - 5.30GWSOPBSu
2Umm SuqeimBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletHorizon International School Tuesday1.15 - 2.00HISPBTu
2Umm SuqeimBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletKINGS DUBAI School Sunday1.45 - 2.30KDSPBSu
3Studio City Ballet4-5yrsPrep BalletOptimal FitnessTuesday3.45 - 4.30OPTPBTu
1Jumeirah Lakes TowersBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletTempo Dance StudioTuesday4.15 - 5.00TEMPBTu
3Sports City Ballet4-5yrsPrep BalletVictory Heights Primary School Tuesday1.15 - 2.00VHPSPBTu
5Oud Metha Ballet4-5yrsPrep BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday9.00 - 9.45WAFPBFr
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet4-5yrsPrep BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday 9.30 - 10.15BSAKPBSa
6Saadiyat IslandBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletCranleigh Abu DhabiMonday 2.45-3.25CRAPBMo
6Khalifa CityBallet4-5yrsPrep BalletRaha International SchoolThursday4.00 - 4.45RISPBTh
3Arabian RanchesBallet4-5yrsPre Primary BalletRanches Primary School Monday3.45 - 4.30RPSPPIDMo
4Nad Al Sheba Ballet4-5yrsButterfly BallerinasKINGS Nad Al ShebaWednesday2.15 - 3.00KNASBBAWe
2Umm SuqeimBallet4-5yrsPrincess BallerinasEmirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday1.15 - 2.00EISUPBASu
2Al BarshaFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionGems Nations/ DAASunday3.00 - 3.45GNBFSu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday4.45 - 5.30GWSOBFWe
2JumeirahFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionRaffles World AcademyWednesday2.45 - 3.30RWABFWe
5Oud Metha Fusion4-6yrsBallet FusionWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 9.00 - 9.45WAFBFSa
6Saadiyat IslandFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionCranleigh Abu DhabiSaturday9.30-10.15CRABFSa
6Khalifa CityFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionSculpt Women's Fitness CentreSunday3:30 - 4:15SCUBFSu
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionVictoria International School Sharjah Thursday1.45 - 2.30VISSBFTh
6Ras Al KhaimahFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionRas Al Khaimah Academy Tuesday4.45 - 5.30RAKBFTu
1Green CommunityFusion4-6yrsBallet Fusion Jumeriah Golf EstateTuesday 4:30 - 5:15JGEBFTu
5MirdiffFusion4-6yrsBallet Fusion Uptown SchoolSunday4.45 - 5.30UTSBFSu
6Bloom GardensFusion4-6yrsBallet Fusion Brighton CollegeSunday4.00 - 4.45BCBFSu
1Springs/MeadowsFusion4-6yrsBallet Fusion (4-6yrs)Emirates International School MeadowsSunday4.15 - 5.00EISMBFSu
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet4-6yrsPrincess Ballerinas Diyafah International School ADMonday1.50 - 2.20DISPBAMo
5Al QusaisBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletAl Diyafah High SchoolSaturday9.45 - 10.30ALDIPPIDSa
5Nad Al HamarBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletDeira International SchoolTuesday2:50 - 3:35DISPPIDTu
1Springs/MeadowsBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletDubai International AcademyMonday4.00 - 4.45DIAPPIDMo
5MirdiffBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletGems Royal DubaiMonday2.40 - 3.25RDSPPIDMo
5Al WaslBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletGems Wellington Primary SchoolWednesday2.30 - 3.15GWPSPPIDWe
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisMonday4.30 - 5.15GWSOPPIDMo
2Al BarshaBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletGems World AcademyMonday3.00 - 4.00GWAPPIDMo
5Oud Metha Ballet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday9.45 - 10.30WAFPPIDFr
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday10.15 - 11.00BSAKPPIDSa
6Saadiyat IslandBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletCranleigh Abu DhabiTuesday2.45-3.25CRAPPIDTu
6Khalifa CityBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletRaha International SchoolMonday4.00 - 4.45RISPPIDMo
6Khalifa CityBallet5-6yrsPre Primary BalletRaha International SchoolWednesday4:00 - 4:45RISPPIDWe
2Umm SuqeimBallet5-6yrsPre Primary Ballet Horizon International School Monday4.15 - 5.00HISPPIDMo
1Jumeirah Lakes TowersBallet5-6yrsPre Primary Ballet Tempo Dance StudioTuesday5.00 - 5.45TEMPPIDTu
2Umm SuqeimBallet5-8yrsDance FusionKINGS DUBAI School Sunday2.45 - 3.45KDSDFSu
6Khalifa CityFusion5-8yrsDance FusionRaha International SchoolTuesday1:15 - 2:00RISDFJRTu
4Nad Al Sheba Fusion5-8yrsDance Fusion KINGS Nad Al ShebaWednesday3:15 - 4:00KNASDFWe
2Umm SuqeimBallet5-8yrsGeneral BalletEmirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday3.00 - 3.45EISUGBSu
6Abu Dhabi City Jazz6-12yrsStreet Jazz British School Al KhubairatWednesday 5.30 - 6.30BSAKSJSRWe
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet6-5yrsPre Primary Ballet Gems FirtsPointSunday3.15 - 4.00GFPPPIDSu
1Springs/MeadowsBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletDubai International Academy Wednesday4.15 - 5.15DIAPIDWe
5MirdiffBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday4:15 - 5:15EBNMPIDTu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletGems FirtsPointSunday5.15 - 6.15GFPPIDSu
3Studio City Ballet6-7yrsPrimary BalletOptimal FitnessWednesday3.45 - 4.45OPTPIDWe
1Jumeirah Lakes TowersBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletTempo Dance StudioTuesday5.45 - 6.45TEMPIDTu
5Oud Metha Ballet6-7yrsPrimary BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday10.30 - 11.30WAFPIDFr
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet6-7yrsPrimary BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday12.15 - 1.15BSAKPIDSa
6Saadiyat IslandBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletCranleigh Abu DhabiWednesday2.45-3.25CRAPIDWe
6Khalifa CityBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletRaha International SchoolMonday4.45 - 5.30RISPIDMo
5Al QusaisBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletAl Diyafah High SchoolSaturday12.00 - 1.00ALDIPIDSa
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday9.30 - 10.30DESSPIDSa
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisThursday3.30 - 4.30GWSOPIDTh
2Umm SuqeimBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletHorizon International School Monday3.15 - 4.15HISPIDMo
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet6-7yrsPrimary BalletBritish School Al KhubairatWednesday 2.45 - 3.30BSAKPIDWe
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBallet6-7yrsPrimary BalletVictoria International School Sharjah Thursday3.45 - 4.30VISSPIDTh
3Motor CityFusion6-7yrsBallet FusionGems MetropoleTuesday2.45 - 3.30GMBFTu
2Al BarshaBallet6-7yrsPrincess Ballerinas Gems Founders SchoolMonday2:15 - 3:00GFSPBAMo
6Ras Al KhaimahBallet6-8yrsPrimary BalletRas Al Khaimah Academy Tuesday5.30 - 6.15RAKPIDTu
3Arabian RanchesFusion 6-8yrsDance FusionRanches Primary School Monday2.45 - 3.30RPSDFMo
6Khalifa CityFusion6-8yrsDance FusionRaha International SchoolTuesday4:00 - 4:45RISDFSRTu
6Abu Dhabi City Fusion6-8yrsDance FusionCambridge International School Thursday2:15 - 3:00CISDFTh
1Springs/MeadowsFusion6-8yrsDance Fusion (6-8yrs)Emirates International School MeadowsSunday5.00 - 5.45EISMDFSu
2Al BarshaHip Hop6-9yrsHip HopGems Nations/ DAATuesday2.00 - 2.45GNHHTu
3Arabian RanchesHip Hop6-9yrsHip HopRanches Primary School Monday4.30 - 5.15RPSHHMo
6Abu Dhabi City Hip Hop 6-9yrsHip HopEscapade Dance StudioTuesday4.30 - 5.15ESCHHJRTu
6Ras Al KhaimahBallet6-9yrsHip HopRas Al Khaimah Academy Tuesday6.15 - 7.15RAKHHTu
2JumeirahFusion6-9yrsDance FusionRaffles World AcademyTuesday3.45 - 4.30RWADFTu
6Saadiyat IslandFusion6-9yrsDance FusionCranleigh Abu DhabiSaturday10.15-11.00CRADFSa
2Al BarshaBallet6-9yrsGeneral BalletGems Nations/ DAAThursday3.00 - 3.45GNGBTh
1Springs/MeadowsHip Hop6-9yrsHip Hop Dubai International AcademySunday5.15 - 6.00DIAHHJRSu
6Bloom GardensHip hop6-9yrsHip Hop Brighton CollegeSunday3.15 - 4.00BCHHSu
2Al BarshaHip Hop6-9yrsStreet JazzGems World AcademyWednesday3.00 - 3.45GWASJJRWe
5Al WaslHip Hop6-9yrsStreet Jazz Gems Wellington Primary SchoolThursday1.30 - 2.15GWPSSJTh
6Abu Dhabi City Jazz7-10yrsStreet Jazz British School Al KhubairatWednesday 4.45 - 5.30BSAKSJJRWe
2Al BarshaBallet7-11yrsGeneral BalletGems Founders SchoolMonday3:00 - 3:45GFSGBMo
5Al QusaisBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletAl Diyafah High SchoolSaturday1.00 - 2.00ALDIGR1BSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletDubai International AcademyTuesday4.45 - 5.45DIAGR1BTu
5MirdiffBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifMonday 4:00 - 5:00EBNMGR1BMo
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday3.45 - 4.45GWSOGR1BWe
5Oud Metha Ballet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday11.30 - 12.30WAFGR1BFr
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday11.00 - 12.00BSAKGR1BSa
6Saadiyat IslandBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletCranleigh Abu DhabiMonday 3.30-4.30CRAGR1BMo
3Studio City Ballet7-8yrsGrade 1 Ballet Optimal FitnessWednesday4.45 - 5.45OPTGR1BWe
5Oud Metha Ballet7-8yrsGrade 1 Ballet WAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 11.00 - 12.00WAFGR1BSa
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 Ballet Victoria International School Sharjah Thursday4.30 - 5.30VISSGR1BTh
2JumeirahBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 Ballet (from JPS)Raffles World AcademyWednesday4.30 - 5.30RWAGR1BWe
6Khalifa CityBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 Ballet YR2Raha International SchoolThursday3.00 - 4.00RISGR1BTh
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet8-9yrsGrade 2 Ballet Escapade Dance StudioSunday5.30-6.45ESCGR2BSu
6Saadiyat IslandContemporary7-9yrsContemporaryCranleigh Abu DhabiWednesday3.30-4.30CRACONWe
6Khalifa CityFusion8+yrsDance Fusion CurriculumRaha International SchoolWednesday3:00 - 4:00RISDFWe
2JumeirahContemporary8-12yrsContemporaryRaffles World AcademyWednesday5.30 - 6.15RWACONWe
5Al QusaisBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletAl Diyafah High SchoolSaturday10.30 -11.45ALDIGR2BSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletDubai International AcademySaturday10.15 - 11.30DIAGR2BSa
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletGems FirtsPointSunday6.15 - 7.30GFPGR2BSu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisSunday3.45 - 4.45GWSOGR2BSu
3Studio City Ballet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletOptimal FitnessMonday4.30 - 5.45OPTGR2BMo
2JumeirahBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletRaffles World AcademyTuesday4.30 - 5.45RWAGR2BTu
5Oud Metha Ballet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 9.45 - 11.00WAFGR2BSa
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday1.15 - 2.30BSAKGR2BSa
6Khalifa CityBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 BalletRaha International SchoolMonday5.30 - 6.45RISGR2BMo
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 Ballet Victoria International School Sharjah Thursday5.30 - 6.30VISSGR2BTh
1Springs/MeadowsBallet8-9yrsGrade 2 Ballet Dubai International AcademyMonday4.45 - 6.00DIAGR2BMo
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday10.30 - 11.45DESSGR3BSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletDubai International AcademySunday4.00 - 5.15DIAGR3BSu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisMonday5.15 - 6.30GWSOGR3BMo
3Studio City Ballet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletOptimal FitnessTuesday4.30 - 5.45OPTGR3BTu
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatWednesday 3.30 - 4.45BSAKGR3BWe
6Khalifa CityBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletRaha International SchoolSunday4.45 - 6.00RISGR3BSu
1Springs/MeadowsBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet Dubai International AcademySaturday12.30 - 1.45DIAGR3BSa
5MirdiffBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet Emirates British Nursery MirdifSunday4.15 - 5.30EBNMGR3BSu
2Umm SuqeimBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet Emirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday4.45 - 6.00EISUGR3BSu
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet Victoria International School Sharjah Thursday6.30 - 7.30VISSGR3BTh
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet PerformersDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday5.45 - 6.45DESSGR3BPSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet PerformersDubai International AcademyMonday6.00 - 7.15DIAGR3BMo
5MirdiffBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet PerformersEmirates British Nursery MirdifWednesday4.30 - 5.30EBNMGR3BWe
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet PerformersGems Wellington Silicon OasisThursday2.15 - 3.30GWSOGR3BTh
2JumeirahBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 Ballet PerformersRaffles World AcademyTuesday5.45 - 7.00RWAGR3BTu
6Khalifa CityBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 PerformersRaha International SchoolTuesday4:45 - 5:45RISGR3BTu
6Khalifa CityBallet11+yrsGrade 6 PerformersRaha International SchoolTuesday5:45 - 6:45RISGR6BTu
6Saadiyat IslandBallet9-11yrsGrade 3 BalletCranleigh Abu DhabiWednesday4.45-5.45CRAGR3BWe
1Springs/MeadowsModern9-11yrsGrade 1 TapDubai International AcademyMonday4.00 - 4.45DIAGR1TMo
1Springs/MeadowsTap9-11yrsGrade 2 ModernDubai International AcademyMonday4.45 - 5.30DIAGR2MMo
2Al BarshaContemporary9-12yrsContemporaryGems Nations/ DAAThursday4.00 - 5.00GNCONTh
6Saadiyat IslandContemporary9-12yrsContemporaryCranleigh Abu DhabiMonday 4.45-5.45CRACONMo
6Khalifa CityContemporary9-12yrsContemporaryRaha International SchoolWednesday5:45 - 6:30RISCONWe
1Springs/MeadowsHip Hop9-12yrsHip Hop Dubai International AcademySunday6.00 - 6.45DIAHHSRSu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet9yrs+ContemporaryGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday6.30 - 7.30GWSOCONWe
6Saadiyat IslandContemporary9yrs+ContemporaryCranleigh Abu DhabiSaturday11.00-12.00CRACONSa
1Green CommunityHip Hop9yrs+Hip Hop Jumeriah Golf EstateTuesday 5:15 - 6:00JGEHHTu
5MirdiffHip Hop9yrs+Street Jazz Uptown SchoolSunday5.30 - 6.15UTSSJSu
6Abu Dhabi City Hip Hop 10+yrsHip HopEscapade Dance StudioTuesday5.15 - 6.00ESCHHSRTu
6Ras Al KhaimahHip Hop10+yrsHip HopRas Al Khaimah Academy Tuesday3.30 - 4.15RAKHHSRTu
6Abu Dhabi City Contemporary10+yrsContemporary British School Al KhubairatWednesday 6.30 - 7.30BSAKCONWe
6Abu Dhabi City Ballet10+yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersEscapade Dance StudioTuesday6.00 - 7.00ESCGR4BTu
3Arabian RanchesJazz10+yrsJazz 10yrs+Ranches Primary School Monday6.15 - 7.00RPSSJMo
2Al BarshaHip Hop10+yrsStreet JazzGems Nations/ DAAWednesday3.00 - 3.45GNSJWe
2JumeirahHip Hop10+yrsStreet JazzRaffles World AcademyWednesday3.45 - 4.30RWASJWe
2Al BarshaHip Hop10+yrsStreet Jazz Gems World AcademyWednesday3.45 - 4.30GWASJSRWe
1Springs/MeadowsBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 BalletDubai International AcademySaturday1.45 - 2.45DIAGR4BSa
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisSunday5.30 - 6.30GWSOGR4BSu
2Umm SuqeimBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 BalletHorizon International School Tuesday4.45 - 5.45HISGR4BTu
5Oud Metha Fusion 10-11yrsGrade 4 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 12.15 - 1.15WAFGR4BSa
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday5.30 - 6.30GWSOGR5BWe
6Khalifa CityBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 BalletRaha International SchoolWednesday4:45 - 5:45RISGR5BWe
6Khalifa CityBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 Ballet Raha International SchoolSunday6:00 - 7:00RISGR4BSu
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday4.45 - 5.45DESSGR4BSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersDubai International Academy Wednesday5.15 - 6.15DIAGR4BWe
2Umm SuqeimBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 Ballet PerformersHorizon International School Monday5.00 - 6.00HISGR5BMo
6Khalifa CityBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 Ballet PerformersRaha International SchoolThursday4.45 - 5.45RISGR5BTh
5MirdiffTap11+yrsGrade 4 TapUptown SchoolMonday5.00 - 6.00UTSGR4TMo
1Springs/MeadowsTap11+yrsGrade 4 Tap Emirates International School MeadowsSunday6.45 - 7.45EISMGR4TSu
1Springs/MeadowsModern11+yrsGrade 5 Modern Emirates International School MeadowsSunday5.45 - 6.45EISMGR5MSu
5MirdiffModern11+yrsGrade 5 Modern Uptown SchoolMonday4.15 - 5.00UTSGR5MMo
1Springs/MeadowsBallet11+yrsGrade 6 Ballet PerformersDubai International AcademyTuesday7.15 - 8.15DIAGR6BTu
5MirdiffBallet11+yrsGrade 6 Ballet Performers Emirates British Nursery MirdifThursday6.15 - 7.15EBNMGR6BTh
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet11+yrsGrade 7 Ballet PerformersDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday3.45 - 4.45DESSGR7BPSa
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet11+yrsPure PointeDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday3.15 - 3.45DESSPPSa
1Springs/MeadowsBallet11+yrsPure PointeDubai International AcademyTuesday6.45 - 7.15DIAPPTu
5MirdiffBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Beginners)Emirates British Nursery MirdifThursday5.45 - 6.15EBNMPPBTh
6Khalifa CityBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Beginners)Raha International SchoolWednesday7:30 - 8:00RISPPBWe
6Khalifa CityBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Beginners)Raha International SchoolThursday5.45 - 6.15RISPPBTh
5MirdiffBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Intermediate)Emirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday7.15 - 7.45EBNMPPITu
2JumeirahBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Intermediate)Gems Wellington International SchoolMonday6:00 - 6:30GWISPPIMo
2JumeirahBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Intermediate)Gems Wellington International SchoolWednesday5.30 - 6.00GWISPPIWe
1Springs/MeadowsBallet11+yrsPure Pointe Beginners/InterDubai International AcademySunday7.45 - 8.15DIAPPBISu
2Umm SuqeimBallet11+yrsPure Pointe Beginners/InterHorizon International School Monday6.00 - 6.30HISPPBIMo
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet11-12yrsGrade 5 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday12.45 - 1.45DESSGR5BSa
5MirdiffBallet11-12yrsGrade 5 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday5.15 - 6.15EBNMGR5BTu
1Springs/MeadowsBallet11-12yrsGrade 5 Ballet Dubai International AcademyTuesday5.45 - 6.45DIAGR5BTu
2Umm SuqeimBallet11-12yrsGrade 5 Ballet Emirates International School Umm SuqeimTuesday4.00 - 5.00EISUGR5BTu
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet11-12yrsGrade 5 Ballet PerformersGems Wellington Silicon OasisThursday4.30 - 5.30GWSOGR5BTh
5MirdiffBallet11-12yrsGrade 5 Ballet Performers Emirates British Nursery MirdifThursday4.45 - 5.45EBNMGR5BTh
6Khalifa CityBallet11-12yrsGrade 6 Ballet Raha International SchoolThursday6.15 - 7.15RISGR6BTh
2Al BarshaBallet12+yrsGrade 6 BalletGems Nations/ DAASunday4.15 - 5.15GNGR6BSu
1Springs/MeadowsBallet12+yrsGrade 6 BalletDubai International AcademySaturday11.30 - 12.30DIAGR6BSa
1Springs/MeadowsHip Hop12+yrsHip HopDubai International Academy Wednesday7.15 - 8.15DIAHHWe
2Al BarshaBallet12+yrsAdvanced Foundation BalletGems Nations/ DAASunday5.15 - 6.30GNAdFSu
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsAdvanced Foundation BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifSunday6.30 - 8.00EBNMAdFSu
2Umm SuqeimBallet12+yrsAdvanced Foundation BalletEmirates International School Umm SuqeimTuesday6.30 - 7.45EISUAdFTu
2Al BarshaBallet12+yrsAdvanced Foundation PointeGems Nations/ DAASunday6.30 - 7.00GNAdPSu
2Umm SuqeimBallet12+yrsContemporary (12yrs+)Horizon International School Tuesday6.30 - 7.30HISCONTu
2Al BarshaBallet12+yrsFree BalletGems Nations/ DAASunday7.00 - 8.00GNFBSu
1Springs/MeadowsTap12+yrsGrade 5 TapDubai International AcademyMonday6.30 - 7.15DIAGR5TMo
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet12+yrsGrade 6 Ballet Gems Wellington Silicon OasisMonday6.30 - 7.30GWSOGR6BMo
2Umm SuqeimBallet12+yrsGrade 6 Ballet Performers Horizon International School Monday6.30 - 7.30HISGR6BMo
1Springs/MeadowsModern12+yrsGrade 6 ModernDubai International AcademyMonday5.30 - 6.30DIAGR6MMo
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet12+yrsGrade 7 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday11.45 - 12.45DESSGR7BSa
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsGrade 7 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday6.15 - 7.15EBNMGR7BTu
6Khalifa CityBallet12+yrsGrade 7 BalletRaha International SchoolWednesday6:30 - 7:30RISGR7BWe
1Springs/MeadowsBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Dubai International AcademySunday6.45 - 7.45DIAGR7BSu
2JumeirahBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Gems Wellington International SchoolWednesday4.30 - 5.30GWISGR7BWe
1Springs/MeadowsBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Performers Dubai International Academy Wednesday6.15 - 7.15DIAGR7BWe
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Performers Emirates British Nursery MirdifWednesday5.30 - 6.30EBNMGR7BWe
2JumeirahBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Performers Gems Wellington International SchoolMonday5:00 - 6:00GWISGR7BMo
2Umm SuqeimBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Performers Horizon International School Tuesday5.45 - 6.30HISGR7BTu
3Arabian RanchesBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Performers Ranches Primary School Monday5.15 - 6.15RPSGR7BMo
6Khalifa CityBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Performers Raha International SchoolSunday7:00 - 8:00RISGR7BSu
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday2.15 - 3.15DESSGR8BSa
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifSunday5.30 - 6.30EBNMGR8BSu
2Umm SuqeimBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletEmirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday6.00 - 7.00EISUGR8BSu
2JumeirahBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletGems Wellington International SchoolMonday6:30 - 7:30GWISGR8BMo
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsIntermediate Ballet Emirates British Nursery MirdifWednesday6.30 -7.45EBNMIBWe
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsIntermediate Ballet Uptown SchoolSunday6.15 - 7.45UTSIBSu
6Khalifa CityBallet12+yrsIntermediate FoundationRaha International SchoolTuesday6:45 - 8:00RISIFTu
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsIntermediate Foundation Emirates British Nursery MirdifMonday 6:00 - 7:30EBNMIFMo
2JumeirahBallet12+yrsIntermediate Foundation Ballet yr1Raffles World AcademyWednesday6.15 - 7.45RWAIFBWe
5MirdiffModern12+yrsIntermediate Foundation ModernUptown SchoolMonday6.00 - 7.00UTSIFMMo
2Umm SuqeimBallet12+yrsIntermediate Foundation yr2Emirates International School Umm SuqeimTuesday5.00 - 6.30EISUIFTu
2JumeirahBallet12+yrsInterrmediate Ballet yr1Gems Wellington International SchoolWednesday6.00 - 7.00GWISIBWe
5MirdiffBallet12-13yrsGrade 6 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifMonday 5:00 - 6:00EBNMGR6BMo
5Oud Metha Ballet12-13yrsGrade 6 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 1.15 - 2.15WAFGR6BSa
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