Class Schedules

The schedule is almost finalized we are just confirming some start dates. Please use the table below to choose the Zone, Area, Genre etc.

If you are interested in a class please mention the class in the Comments box and submit the fully completed form.
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Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Jumeirah Park
Jumeirah Village Circle
Jumeirah Village Triangle
Barsha Heights



Umm Suqeim
Al Manara
Umm Al Sheif
Al Quoz
Business Bay



Victory Heights
Sports City
Studio City
Arabian Ranches
Jumeirah Golf Estates



Silicon Oasis
The Villa
Nad Al Sheba



Oud Metha
Bur Dubai
Al Qusais
Al Wasl
Nad Al Hamar


Abu Dhabi
Ras Al Khaimah

2Al BarshaBallet3-4yrs (KG1 / KG2)Early Years Movement (S.O)Children's GardenSunday2:45 - 3:208th April
5Nad Al HamarBalletEY2 (4-5yrs)Pre Primary Ballet (S.O)Deira International SchoolTuesday12:30 - 1:0010th April
5Nad Al HamarBallet5-6yrs (Y1)Primary Ballet (S.O)Deira International SchoolTuesday2:50 - 3:3510th April
5Nad Al HamarBalletEY1 (3-4yrs)Babies Ballet (S.O)Deira International SchoolThursday12:30 - 1:0012th April
2Al BarshaHip HopKG2 & G2Hip Hop (S.O)Dubai American Academy Sunday3.00 - 4.008th April
2Al BarshaHip HopGr3 - Gr6Hip Hop (S.O)Dubai American Academy Tuesday2:00 - 3:0010th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday10.00 -10.3014th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday10.30 - 11.4514th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday11.45 - 12.4514th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet12+yrsGrade 6 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday12.45 - 1.4514th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet11+yrsGrade 8 BalletDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday2.00 - 3.0014th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet11+yrsGrade 5 Ballet PerformersDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday3.00 - 4.0014th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet10-11yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersDubai English Speaking SchoolSaturday4.00 - 5.0014th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletDubai International AcademySaturday9.00 - 9.3014th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet5 - 6yrsPre Primary BalletDubai International AcademySaturday9.30 - 10.1514th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletDubai International AcademySaturday10.15 - 11.3014th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet12+yrsGrade 7 BalletDubai International AcademySaturday11.30 - 12.3014th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 Ballet Dubai International AcademySaturday12.30 - 1.4514th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 BalletDubai International AcademySaturday1.45 - 2.4514th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersDubai International AcademySunday4.00 - 5.008th April
1Springs/MeadowsHip Hop6-9yrsHip Hop Dubai International AcademySunday5.00 - 5.458th April
1Springs/MeadowsHip Hop9-12yrsHip Hop Dubai International AcademySunday5.45 - 6.308th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet12+yrsGrade 8 Ballet Dubai International AcademySunday6.30 - 7.308th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet11+yrsPure Pointe beginners/interDubai International AcademySunday7.30 - 8.008th April
1Springs/MeadowsTap9-11yrsGrade 1 TapDubai International AcademyMonday4.00 - 4.459th April
1Springs/MeadowsModern9-11yrsGrade 2 ModernDubai International AcademyMonday4.45 - 5.309th April
1Springs/MeadowsModern12+yrsIntermediate Foundation ModernDubai International AcademyMonday5.30 - 6.309th April
1Springs/MeadowsTap12+yrsGrade 6 TapDubai International AcademyMonday6.30 - 7.159th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet6 - 7yrsPrimary BalletDubai International AcademyMonday4.00 - 5.009th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 Ballet Dubai International AcademyMonday5.00 - 6.159th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersDubai International AcademyMonday6.15 - 7.159th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet5 - 6yrsPre Primary BalletDubai International AcademyTuesday4.00 - 4.4510th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet8 - 9yrsGrade 2 BalletDubai International AcademyTuesday4.45 - 5.4510th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet11-12yrsGrade 6 Ballet Dubai International AcademyTuesday5.45 - 6.4510th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet11+yrsPure PointeDubai International AcademyTuesday6.45 - 7.1510th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet PerformersDubai International AcademyTuesday7.15 - 8.1510th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet7 - 8yrsGrade 1 BalletDubai International Academy Wednesday4.15 - 5.1511th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 Ballet PerformersDubai International Academy Wednesday5.15 - 6.1511th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet12+yrsGrade 8 Ballet Dubai International Academy Wednesday6.15 - 7.1511th April
1Springs/MeadowsHip Hop12+yrsHip HopDubai International Academy Wednesday7.15 - 8.1511th April
5MirdiffBallet5- 6yrsPre Primary BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifSunday3.30 - 4.158th April
5MirdiffBallet10 -11yrsGrade 4 Ballet Emirates British Nursery MirdifSunday4.15 - 5.308th April
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsIntermediate Ballet Yr.1Emirates British Nursery MirdifSunday5.30 - 6.308th April
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsPure Pointe (Inter/Advanced)Emirates British Nursery MirdifSunday6.30 - 7.008th April
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsAdvanced Foundation BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifSunday7.00 - 8.008th April
5MirdiffBallet8-9 yrsGrade 2 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifMonday 4.45 - 6.009th April
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsGrade 7 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifMonday 6.00 - 7.009th April
5MirdiffBallet7-8yrsGrade 1 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday4:15 - 5:1510th April
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsGrade 6 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday5.15 - 6.1510th April
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday6.15 - 7.1510th April
5MirdiffBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Intermediate)Emirates British Nursery MirdifTuesday7.15 - 7.4510th April
5MirdiffBallet2.5-4yrsButterfly Ballerinas (S.O) Emirates British Nursery MirdifWednesday2.00 - 2.3011th April
5MirdiffBallet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifWednesday4.30 - 5.3011th april
5MirdiffBallet10 -11 yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersEmirates British Nursery MirdifWednesday5.30 - 6.3011th April
5MirdiffBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletEmirates British Nursery MirdifWednesday6.30 - 7.3011th April
5MirdiffBallet11-12yrsGrade 6 Ballet Performers Emirates British Nursery MirdifThursday4.45 - 5.4512th April
5MirdiffBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Beginners)Emirates British Nursery MirdifThursday5.45 - 6.1512th April
5MirdiffBallet11+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Performers Emirates British Nursery MirdifThursday6.15 - 7.1512th April
3Motor CityBallet2.5-4yrsButterfly Ballerinas Emirates British Nursery Motor City Monday 1.45 - 2.159th April
1Springs/MeadowsBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletEmirates International School MeadowsSunday4.00-4.308th April
1Springs/MeadowsFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionEmirates International School MeadowsSunday4.30-5.158th April
1Springs/MeadowsFusion6-8yrsDance FusionEmirates International School MeadowsSunday5.15-6.008th April
1Springs/MeadowsModern12yrs+Grade 6 Modern Emirates International School MeadowsSunday6.00-7.008th April
1Springs/MeadowsTap11yrs+Grade 4 Tap Emirates International School MeadowsSunday7.00-8.008th April
2Umm SuquimBallet EY 1 & 2 (3-5)Princess Ballerinas (S.O)Emirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday1.15 - 2.008th April
2Umm SuquimBalletGr 1-4 (5-8)General Ballet (S.O)Emirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday3.15 - 4.008th April
2Umm SuquimBallet10 - 11yrsGrade 4 Ballet Emirates International School Umm SuqeimSunday4.45 - 6.008th April
2Umm SuquimBallet12+yrsGrade 6 Ballet Emirates International School Umm SuqeimTuesday4.15 - 5.1510th April
2Umm SuquimBallet12+yrsIntermediate Foundation yr1Emirates International School Umm SuqeimTuesday5.15 - 6.3010th April
2Umm SuquimBallet12+yrsAdvanced 1 BalletEmirates International School Umm SuqeimTuesday6.30 - 8.0010th April
2Umm SuquimBallet10-11 yrsGrade 5 Ballet Performers Emirates International School Umm SuqeimWednesday4.30 - 5.1511th April
2Umm SuquimBallet12yrs +Intermediate Foundation Ballet Yr2 Emirates International School Umm SuqeimWednesday5.15 - 6.3011th April
2Umm SuquimBalletGrade 6 Ballet Performers Emirates International School Umm SuqeimWednesday6.30 - 7.1511th April
2Umm SuquimBalletPure PointeEmirates International School Umm SuqeimWednesday7.15 - .7.4511th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet5-6 yrs (Y1 ) Primary Ballet Gems First PointSunday3.15 - 4.0015th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet3-4yrs(Fs1-2)Babies/Prep Ballet Gems First PointSunday4.00 - 4.3015th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet6-7yrs (Y2)Grade 1 BalletGems First PointSunday4.30 - 5.3015th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 BalletGems First PointSunday5.30 - 6.3015th April
2Al BarshaBalletFS1 & FS2 ( 3-5yrs)Butterfly Ballerinas (S.O)Gems Founders SchoolMonday12:15 - 1:0016th April
2Al BarshaBalletYR1 & YR2 (5-7yrs)Princess Ballerinas (S.O)Gems Founders SchoolMonday2.30 - 3.1516th April
2Al BarshaBallet12+yrsGrade 7 BalletGems Wellington International SchoolSunday5:00 - 6:008th April
2Al BarshaBallet12+yrsAdvanced 1 Ballet Gems Wellington International SchoolSunday6:00 - 7:158th April
2Al BarshaBallet12+yrsAdvanced Foundation PointeGems Wellington International SchoolSunday7:15 - 7:458th April
2JumeirahBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletGems Wellington International SchoolWednesday5.00 - 6.0011th April
2JumeirahBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (intermediate)Gems Wellington International SchoolWednesday6.00 - 6.3011th April
2JumeirahBallet12+yrsIntermediate Ballet Yr. 2Gems Wellington International SchoolWednesday6.30 - 7.3011th April
5Al WaslBalletFs2Pre Primary Ballet (S.O)Gems Wellington Primary SchoolTuesday2.30 - 3.1510th April
5Al WaslBalletYr1Primary Ballet (S.O)Gems Wellington Primary SchoolWednesday2.30 - 3.1511th April
5Al WaslJazz6-9yrsStreet Jazz (S.O)Gems Wellington Primary SchoolThursday1.30 - 2.1519th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisSunday3.45 - 4.458th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet4-5yrsPre Primary Ballet Gems Wellington Silicon OasisSunday4.45 - 5.308th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisSunday5.30 - 6.308th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet10-11yrsGarde 5 Ballet Performers Gems Wellington Silicon OasisSunday6:30 - 7:158th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet5-6yrsPrimary BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisMonday4.30 - 5.309th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisMonday5.30 - 6.309th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet12+yrsGrade 7 Ballet Gems Wellington Silicon OasisMonday6.30 - 7.309th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBalletYR3 (7-8yrs)Grade 2 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday3.45 - 4.4511th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday4.45 - 5.3011th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet10-11yrsGrade 6 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday5.30 - 6.3011th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaContemporary9yrs+ContemporaryGems Wellington Silicon OasisWednesday6.30 - 7.3011th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersGems Wellington Silicon OasisThursday2.30 - 3.3012th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet6-7yrsGrade 1 BalletGems Wellington Silicon OasisThursday3.30 - 4.3012th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet11-12yrsGrade 6 Ballet PerformersGems Wellington Silicon OasisThursday4.30 - 5.1512th April
4Silicon Oasis/The VillaBallet11-12yrsPure Pointe Gems Wellington Silicon OasisThursday5.15 - 5.4512th April
2Al BarshaBalletPre K & KG 1 (3-5yrs)Butterfly Ballerinas (S.O)Gems World AcademyMonday1.30 - 2.009th April
2Al BarshaBalletKG2 (5-6yrs)Primary BalletGems World AcademyMonday3.00 - 3:459th April
2Al BarshaHip HopPre K & KG 1Baby Boppers (S.O)Gems World AcademyWednesday1.30 - 2.0011th April
2Al BarshaJazzKG2 - G3Street Jazz Kg2 - G3 (S.O)Gems World AcademyWednesday3.00 - 3.4511th April
2Al BarshaJazzG4 - 9Street Jazz G4-G9 (S.O)Gems World AcademyWednesday3.45 - 4.3011th April
2Umm SuquimBalletFS1Babies Ballet (S.O)Horizon International School Monday1.10 - 1.409th April
2Umm SuquimBalletYR 2Grade 1 Ballet (S.O)Horizon International School Monday3.15 - 4.159th April
2Umm SuquimBallet5-6yrsPrimary Ballet Horizon International School Monday4.15 - 5.009th April
2Umm SuquimBallet10-11yrsGrade 6 Ballet PerformersHorizon International School Monday5.00 - 6.009th April
2Umm SuquimBallet11yrs +Pure Pointe beginners/interHorizon International School Monday6.00 - 6.459th April
2Umm SuquimBallet12yrs+Grade 7 Ballet Performers Horizon International School Monday6.45 - 7.459th April
2Umm SuquimBalletFS2Pre Primary Ballet (S.O)Horizon International School Tuesday1.15 - 2.0010th April
2Umm SuquimBalletYR1Primary Ballet (S.O)Horizon International School Tuesday3:15-4:1510th April
2Umm SuquimBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 BalletHorizon International School Tuesday4.30 - 5.3010th April
2Umm SuquimBallet12yrs+Intermediate Ballet Yr. 2Horizon International School Tuesday5.30 - 7.0010th April
2Umm SuquimContemporary12yrs+Contemporary (12yrs+)Horizon International School Tuesday7.00 - 8.0010th April
3Sports CityFusion4-7yrsBallet Fusion Jumeriah Golf EstateTuesday 4:30 - 5:1510th April
4Nad Al Sheba BalletFS1Baby Ballerinas(S.O)KINGS Nad Al ShebaWednesday1:15 1:45 11th April
4Nad Al Sheba BalletFS2Butterfly Ballerinas (S.O)KINGS Nad Al ShebaWednesday2.10 - 2.4011th April
4Nad Al Sheba BalletYR1Primary Ballet (S.O)KINGS Nad Al ShebaWednesday3:00 - 4:0011th April
2Al BarshaBallet3-4yrsEarly Years Programme (S.O)Little Gems InternationalWednesday3.15 - 4.0011th April
2Business Bay Hip HopKG1Mini MoversNorth London Collegiate School Tuesday 2.45 - 3.2010th April
2Business Bay BalletKG2-G1Beginners BalletNorth London Collegiate School Tuesday 3.30 - 4.1010th April
2Business Bay BalletPre-KG Babies BalletNorth London Collegiate School Wednesday 2.00 - 2.4011th April
2Business Bay BalletKG1Pre Primary BalletNorth London Collegiate School Wednesday 2.45 - 3.2011th April
3Studio City Ballet8-9yrsGrade 3 BalletOptimal FitnessMonday4.30 - 5.459th April
3Studio City Ballet4-5yrsPre Primary BalletOptimal FitnessTuesday3.45 - 4.3010th April
3Studio City Ballet9-10yrsGrade 4 BalletOptimal FitnessTuesday4.30 - 5.4510th April
3Studio City Ballet6-7yrsGrade 1 BalletOptimal FitnessWednesday3.45 - 4.4511th April
3Studio City Ballet7-8yrsGrade 2 BalletOptimal FitnessWednesday4.45 - 5.4511th April
3Studio City Ballet9-10yrsGrade 3 BalletOptimal FitnessThursday4.00 - 5.0012th April
2Umm SuquimBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 BalletRaffles World AcademyTuesday 4:30 - 5:3010th April
2Umm SuquimBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersRaffles World AcademyTuesday 5 :30 - 6:3010th April
2Umm SuquimFusionKG2- G1Ballet Fusion/DANCE FUSION (S.0)Raffles World AcademyWednesday3:00 - 3:4511th April
3Arabian RanchesFusionYR1 & YR2Dance Fusion (S.O)Ranches Primary School Monday2.45 - 3.309th April
3Arabian RanchesBallet5-6 yrsPrimary BalletRanches Primary School Monday3.45 - 4.459th April
3Arabian RanchesContemporary10yrs+Contemporary Ranches Primary School Monday5:30- 6:309th April
3Arabian RanchesHip HopFS1 & FS2Mini Movers (S.O)Ranches Primary School Thursday1.40 - 2.2512th April
2Al QuozBalletKG1&KG2Butterfly Ballerinas (S.O)Springdales School Dubai Sunday & Monday 11.20 - 11.5015-Apr
5MirdiffFusion4-6yrsBallet Fusion Uptown SchoolSunday4.45 - 5.308th April
5MirdiffJazz9yrs+Street Jazz Uptown SchoolSunday5.30 - 6.158th April
5MirdiffTap11+yrsGrade 4 TapUptown SchoolMonday4.30 - 5.309th April
5MirdiffModern12+yrsIntermediate Foundation ModernUptown SchoolMonday5.30 - 6.309th April
3Sports City BalletFS2Pre Primary Ballet (S.O)Victory Heights Primary School Tuesday1.15 - 2.0010th April
3Sports City BalletFS1 Babies Ballet (S.O)Victory Heights Primary School Wednesday1.15 - 1.4511th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet4-5yrsPre Primary BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday9.00 - 9.4513th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet5-6yrsPrimary BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday9.45 - 10.4513th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet6-7yrsGrade 1 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday10.45 - 11.4513th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet7-8yrsGrade 2 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubFriday11.45 - 1.0013th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 9.00 - 9.4514th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 9.45 - 11.0014th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet7-8yrsGrade 2 Ballet WAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 11.00 - 12.0014th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet10yrs+Grade 5 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 12.15 - 1.1514th April
5Oud Metha/KaramaBallet12-13yrsGrade 7 BalletWAFI- Pharoah's ClubSaturday 1.15 - 2.1514th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandFusionFS2&YR1 (4-6yrs)Ballet Fusion (S.O)Brighton CollegeSunday4.00 - 4.458th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBalletYR2Grade 1 Ballet (S.O)Brighton CollegeSunday4.45 - 5.458th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 Ballet (S.O)Brighton CollegeSunday5:45-6:458th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday 9.00 - 9.3014th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet4-5yrsPre Primary BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday 9.30 - 10.1514th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet5-6yrsPrimary BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday10.15 - 11.0014th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet7-8yrsGrade 2 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday11.00 - 12.0014th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet6-7yrsGrade 1 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday12.15 - 1.1514th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatSaturday1.15 - 2.3014th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBalletYR 2Grade 1 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatWednesday 3.15 - 4.0011th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 BalletBritish School Al KhubairatWednesday 4:00-5:0011th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandJazzYRS 5-8Street Jazz British School Al KhubairatWednesday 5:00 - 6:0011th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandContemporary10yrs+Contemporary British School Al KhubairatWednesday 6:00-7:0011th April
6Saadiyat IslandBalletFS2 (4-5yrs)Pre Primary Ballet (S.O)Cranleigh Abu DhabiMonday 2.45-3.259th April
6Saadiyat IslandContemporaryYrs 3-7 ( 7-12yrs)Contemporary (S.O)Cranleigh Abu DhabiMonday 4.45-5.459th April
6Saadiyat IslandBalletYR1Primary Ballet (S.O)Cranleigh Abu DhabiTuesday2.45-3.2510th April
6Saadiyat IslandBalletFS2 (4-5yrs)Pre Primary Ballet (S.O)Cranleigh Abu DhabiTuesday2.45-3.2510th April
6Saadiyat IslandBalletYR2 (6-7yrs)Grade 1 Ballet (S.O)Cranleigh Abu DhabiWednesday2.45-3.2511th April
6Saadiyat IslandBalletYR3 ( 7-8yrs)Grade 2 Ballet (S.O)Cranleigh Abu DhabiWednesday4.45-5.4511th April
6Saadiyat IslandBalletFS1Butterfly BallerinasCranleigh Abu DhabiSaturday9.00-9.3014th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBalletYR 1Princess Ballerinas (S.O)Diyafah International School ADSunday1:30 - 2:0015th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandHip Hop 6-9yrsHip HopEscapade Dance StudioTuesday4:45-5:3010th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandHip Hop 10yrs+Hip HopEscapade Dance StudioTuesday5:30-6:1510th April
6Abu Dhabi IslandBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 Ballet PerformersEscapade Dance StudioTuesday6:15-7:1510th April
6Khalifa City AHip Hop KG1 - G3Ballet/Dance Fusion (S.O)Gems American Academy Abu DhabiMonday 3.00-3.459th April
6Khalifa CityBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 BalletRaha International SchoolSunday4.45 - 6.008th April
6Khalifa CityBallet10-11yrsGrade 5 Ballet Raha International SchoolSunday6:00 - 7:008th April
6Khalifa CityBallet12+yrsGrade 8 Ballet Raha International SchoolSunday7:00 - 8:008th April
6Khalifa CityBallet5-6yrsPrimary BalletRaha International SchoolMonday4.30 - 5.159th April
6Khalifa CityBallet6-7yrsGrade 1 BalletRaha International SchoolMonday5.15 - 6.159th April
6Khalifa CityBallet8-9yrsGrade 3 BalletRaha International SchoolMonday6.15 - 7.159th April
6Khalifa CityFusionG1-3 (5-8yrs)Dance Fusion (ECP)(S.O)Raha International SchoolTuesday1.45 - 2.3010th April
6Khalifa CityBallet3-4yrsBabies BalletRaha International SchoolTuesday3.30 - 4.0010th April
6Khalifa CityFusion6-8yrsDance FusionRaha International SchoolTuesday4.00 - 4.4510th April
6Khalifa CityBallet9-10yrsGrade 4 Ballet PerformersRaha International SchoolTuesday4.45 - 5.4510th April
6Khalifa CityBallet9-10yrsGrade 7 Ballet PerformersRaha International SchoolTuesday5.45 - 6.4510th April
6Khalifa CityBallet12+yrsIntermediate Foundation Ballet Yr1 & Yr2Raha International SchoolTuesday6.45 - 8.0010th April
6Khalifa CityBallet5-6yrsPrimary BalletRaha International SchoolWednesday4:00 - 4:4511th April
6Khalifa CityBallet10-11yrsGrade 6 BalletRaha International SchoolWednesday4:45 - 5:4511th April
6Khalifa CityContemporary9-12yrsContemporary 9yrs+Raha International SchoolWednesday5:45 - 6:3011th April
6Khalifa CityBallet12+yrsGrade 8 BalletRaha International SchoolWednesday6:30 - 7:3011th April
6Khalifa CityBallet11+yrsPure PointeRaha International SchoolWednesday7.30 - 8.0011th April
6Khalifa CityBallet7-8yrsGrade 2 BalletRaha International SchoolThursday3.15 - 4.1512th April
6Khalifa CityBallet4-5yrsPre Primary BalletRaha International SchoolThursday4.15 - 5.0012th April
6Khalifa CityBallet10-11yrsGrade 6 Ballet PerformersRaha International SchoolThursday5.00 - 6.0012th April
6Khalifa CityBallet11+yrsPure Pointe (Beginners)Raha International SchoolThursday6.00 - 6.3012th April
6Khalifa CityBallet11-12yrsGrade 7 Ballet Raha International SchoolThursday6.30 - 7.3012th April
6Khalifa CityBalletGrade 3 BalletRaha International SchoolSaturday 10.30-11.3028th April
6Khalifa CityBalletIntermediate Foundation Yr. 2Raha International SchoolSaturday 11.30-12.4528th April
6Khalifa CityFusion4-6yrsBallet FusionSculpt Women's Fitness CentreSunday3:30 - 4:158th April
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBalletKG1Babies BalletVictoria International School Sharjah Thursday1.15 - 1.4512th April
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBalletPrep/ KG2Pre Primary BalletVictoria International School Sharjah Thursday3.15 - 3.4512th April
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBalletG1Grade 1 Ballet Victoria International School Sharjah Thursday3.45 - 4.3012th April
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBalletG2Grade 2 Ballet Victoria International School Sharjah Thursday4.30 - 5.3012th April
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBalletG3Grade 3 Ballet Victoria International School Sharjah Thursday5.30 - 6.3012th April
6Al Tawuun Rd SharjahBalletGrade 4 Ballet Victoria International School Sharjah Thursday6.30 - 7.3012th April
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