Class Schedules

Please see the current list of On-Line Live Zoom Classes we have running for Term 3 (April to June 2020)
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DayClassRegular TimingsTeacher
TuesdayPBT Level 1 B4.00pm-4.45pmMs Sune
TuesdayPre Primary Ballet B3.00pm-4.00pmMs Aniela
TuesdayPre Primary Ballet C3.00pm-4.00pmMs Lucie
TuesdayPrimary Ballet B4.15pm-5.15pmMs Aniela
TuesdayPrimary Ballet C4.15pm-5.15pmMs Lucie
WednesdayGrade 1 Ballet B5.15pm-6.15pmMs Aniela
WednesdayGrade 3 Ballet Performers4.00pm-5.00pmMs Lucie
WednesdayGrade 4 Ballet Performers5.30pm-6.30pmMs Ami
WednesdayGrade 5 Ballet Performers4.00pm-5.00pmMs Sune
WednesdayGrade 5 Ballet Performers B5.15pm-6.15pmMs Sune
WednesdayPre- School Ballet B4.15pm-5.00pmMs Aniela
WednesdayPre- School Ballet C3.00pm-3.45pmMs Lucie
WednesdayPure Pointe Level 16.30pm-7.15pmMs Sune
WednesdayPure Pointe Level 27.30pm-8.15pmMs Sune
WednesdayRepertoire 6 Performers4.00pm-5.00pmMs Paty
WednesdayRepertoire 6 Performers B4.00pm-5.00pmMs Ami
WednesdayRepertoire 7 Performers5.15pm-6.15pmMs Paty
WednesdayRepertoire 8+ Performers6.30pm-7.30pmMs Paty
ThursdayIntermediate Yr 16.30pm-7.30pmMs Ami
ThursdayAdvanced 14.10pm-5.10pmMs Paty
ThursdayAdvanced Foundation Yr 16.30 pm-7.30 pmMs Paty
ThursdayIntermediate Foundation Yr 24.00pm-5.00pmMs Ami
ThursdayPBT Level 25.15pm-6.15pmMs Ami
ThursdayPure Pointe Level 37.45pm-8.30pmMs Sune
ThursdayPure Pointe Level 3 B3.15pm-4.00pmMs Ami
SaturdayBallet Fusion10.05am-11.00amMs Lucie
SaturdayContemporary A4.00pm-5.00pmMs Aniela
SaturdayContemporary B12.00pm-1.00pmMs Aniela
SaturdayContemporary C5.15pm-6.15pmMs Aniela
SaturdayDance Fusion11.15am-12.15amMs Lucie
SaturdayGrade 1 Ballet10.00am-11.15amMs Sune
SaturdayGrade 2 Ballet1.00pm-2.30pmMs Sune
SaturdayGrade 2 Ballet B10.00am-11.30amMs Paty
SaturdayGrade 3 Ballet A2.00pm-3.00pmMs Ami
SaturdayGrade 3 Ballet B9.00am-10.00amMs Lucie
SaturdayGrade 4 Ballet A12.15pm-1.15pmMs Ami
SaturdayGrade 4 Ballet B11.00am-12.00pmMs Ami
SaturdayGrade 5 Ballet11.30am-12.30pmMs Sune
SaturdayGrade 5 Ballet B4.15pm-5.15pmMs Sune
SaturdayHip Hop level 1 A4.15pm-5.15pmMs Lucie
SaturdayHip Hop level 1 -B3.00pm-4.00pmMs Lucie
SaturdayHip Hop level 2 A12.30pm-1.30pmMs Lucie
SaturdayHip Hop level 2 -B1.45pm-2.45pmMs Lucie
SaturdayPBT Level 19.45am-10.45amMs Ami
SaturdayPre Primary Ballet A1.15pm-2.15pmMs Aniela
SaturdayPre- School Ballet A11.00am-11.45amMs Aniela
SaturdayPrimary Ballet A2.30pm-3.45pmMs Aniela
SaturdayRepertoire 6 A12.00pm-1.00pmMs Paty
SaturdayRepertoire 6 B3.30pm-4.30pmMs Ami
SaturdayRepertoire 71.15pm-2.15pmMs Paty
SaturdayRepertoire 8+2.30pm-3.30pmMs Paty
SaturdayRepertoire 8+ B3.45pm-4.45pmMs Paty
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